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Headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California, Comfort Bar® was launched in 2004. Comfort Bar® manufactures trademarked, patent-pending nutritional bars that provide an all-natural, delicious, clean way of getting 15 grams of lactose-free protein and 5 grams of fiber. The company is dedicated to their slogan to fulfill the consumer's need for"Healthy Comfort Food.™"

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Comfort Bar®?
The natural, homemade-tasting protein bar that delivers 15 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber and makes you "feel good about what you eat". The bars are low fat, low calorie and low sugar. Consumers can feel comfortable knowing that they're putting something healthy into their bodies. It's simply a clean way of getting 15 grams of natural protein and 5 grams of fiber without anything artificial.
Each box contains 8 bars.

The definition of a Comfort Bar® tastes like decadent comfort food with a wonderful fresh homemade aroma seeping out of the opened wrapper and filling your senses.

How did Comfort Bar come into existence?
Every time the founder, Gina B., tried a so-called "nutritional bar" she would be disappointed to learn that it wasn't. The after-taste from the artificial ingredients and sweeteners and the indigestible lump left in her stomach from the low - grade proteins, made her feel unsatisfied. It was apparent that her current snack of choice was the wrong one, leaving her with the desire to quickly grab something different to appease her appetite, especially if she was on the go.

When was Comfort Bar® founded?
Comfort Bars
® were officially launched in June 2004. All copyrights, trademarks and patents were filed in 2003.

What flavors do Comfort Bars® come in?
1. Italian Chocolate Vanilla Almond (creamy chocolate coating, smooth vanilla and a hint of imported cinnamon)
2. Italian Chocolate Orange Almond (a rich chocolate coating, a touch of Orange Valencia and nutty almond)
3. White Chocolate Cherry Chip (organic white chocolate vanilla bean coating, a silky cherry and chocolate center).

Where is Comfort Bar® located?
Comfort Bars
® is headquartered in Thousand Oaks, California. Manufacturing takes place in a 60,000 square foot organic manufacturing plant in California.

Quality Control:
Gina B. oversees each run to insure Comfort Bar
® quality in every batch. They are made with "Amore".

What makes Comfort Bars® unique?
In the opinion of those who try them, they say that
hands down they are the best tasting of natural protein bars on the market today. Besides the incredible taste, the boxes were created beautifully enough to give as gifts. The high gloss graphics and compact box will fit in a purse, backpack, or small gym bag. The bottom of the box is designed to write your own personal message.

Why are Comfort Bars® better?
The ingredients and nutritional value make Comfort Bars® superior
. Its fair trade chocolate is imported from Italy and is organic. All of the flavor combinations are natural and the sweetener is organic agave, which has a low glycemic index. Although it is not marketed as a diabetic bar, many diabetics consume the Comfort Bar® prior to testing and they find that it doesn't spike their blood sugar.

Comfort Bar® contains no corn syrups or trans fats, artificial flavors or sweeteners. It is GMO-free, lactose-free, wheat and gluten-free. The nuts are dry-roasted without oils. The bar is low fat, low calorie and low sugar. It is so satisfying that consumers refer to it as a "craving buster". It is important not to skip meals, but many use the bar as a meal replacement because it acts as a natural appetite suppressant. Even a half of a bar with a glass of water can be satisfying if you're on the run in between meetings, appointments or errands.

Are Comfort Bars® only for athletes?
The bar is suitable for everyone, MALE and FEMALE, from children, seniors, athletes and moms on the go.

Where are Comfort Bars® sold?
Comfort Bar does not sell directly to the public. They're dedicated to supporting "health conscious" retailers such as health food stores, wellness clinics and resorts, fitness centers and specialty stores and boutiques. These retailers are located in Southwestern states, including California, Colorado, Nevada, Arizona, and Hawaii. There is a store locator link available here.
You can also click here to buy now from our online affiliate.

What is the MSRP?
The MSRP is $2.65. Most retailers will discount the bars 10% if a box of 8 bars is purchased. Some consumers purchase cases at a time (96 bars) through retailers. Quality costs and it's a costly bar to manufacture. If we skimped on the ingredients...our customers would notice it right away.


Executive Bio
Gina B., Creator, Developer and CEO
of Comfort Bar®
Gina has been in the health food industry for more than 30 years. She founded Comfort Bar® in 2004.

In 1979 at a time where health foods were defined as ginseng and granola, Gina B.'s parents had the foresight to open a smaller retail health food store.

Comfort Bar® will support not only the larger health food store chains, but also the smaller health food stores who pioneered this industry from the beginning.

It was Gina B.'s quest to develop a homemade-tasting protein & fiber bar that delivered nutritional value without corn syrups or trans fats, wheat or gluten, artificial flavors or sweeteners.

One bite and you're hooked!


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